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Bruce has been playing acoustic guitar for 45 plus years In addition, Bruce plays guitar, claw hammer and old timey banjo, mandolin, and autoharp.
Bruce plays for Long Island wineries, coffee houses, restaurants, and private parties.

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Bruce recently made the semi-finals at the International Blues Competition.
"Live reporting from Beale Street. Bruce and Dan were excellent. There is nobody whose fingers were more nimble on the guitar than Bruce's in two days of competition. In fact he was lauded by a judge for his playing abilities after their set. Dan's violin playing was also outstanding. It was a treat to watch them both and the crowd enjoyed them too. While their exit came too soon in the semi finals....the reality is that they beat out more than 80 teams to qualify for the semis. Great entertainers, phenomenal musicianship, adored by the crowd and really good friends....that all spells out a win to me."    
-Kelly Penwell, Memphis, Tennessee